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Event planning

Which is the occasion ?

It may not be the most important thing the definition of the party purpose, but it is important to do this for a perfect planning of the event. We can event choose a theme, so that the party could be more interesting.

Which is the date of the event?

The date is extremely important, because the whole program depends on it. It is also important so that we can invite our guests in time, in order to be sure they are available  and able to come to the party.

What hour we want the party to start?

Depending on it we can elaborate a proper menu. If it is a morning party, we can think of some products specific to a breakfast such as sandwiches, tartines, fruit juice, etc. On the other hand, if the party starts in the evening, we will choose a rich menu with various kinds of food and drinks.

How many guests are there?

The number of the guests it is very important because on its basis we can figure it out if there is a small or a big party.

Who are the guests ?

It is important to know of what kind the guests are, because it would be pretty hard to bring together different people with not so many in common . They would probably not feel very having defferent preferences and would not have a lot of fun.

Which is our budget ?

Depending  on it we can establish the menu, the location, the decoration, etc.

The location ?

If there is a small party, you can think of organizing it at home but if the number of the guests is big we recommand you to pick a location. We provide you our location in this purpose.

What menu should I pick?

The menu should be elaborated very carefully ,taking into account the preferences of our guests, the location, the hour . Our specialists provide help in choosing the appropriate menu for the party.


Because we are constantly concerned with the satisfaction of our clients, we ask you nicely to give us some opinions about the location, the menu, the events and also some suggestions of improving our services please contact us.

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