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City Food is a modern place, inaugurate don June 30, 2007. City Food is the perfect place to have lunch, toghether with the fammily, a place functionating as :
- fresh food
- pizza
- rotisery
- bar

Prices are accesible, the food is made by  real chefs and the services are made by trained personnel, who can provide advice regarding the products to choose 

City Food

City Food has on the basis the co ncept of self service, offering rapidity, culinar variety and freshness by functioning as self service system.. Along with the clasic products, you can also try at City Food pizza and rotisery  products.

With a capacity of 128 seats, the design and the generosity of the place make it the perfect host for any kind of events

City Food – Just tasty !

City Club

City Club is a unit conceived to have two utilities : both bistro and club.Our clients can find here, along with the specific bar products a various range of  culinar specialities prepared by our specialists in culinar art.

Events at City Club

Every Friday and Saturday night is CLUBBING NIGHT & DJAct PARTY
There are being organized very often events such as: fashion presentations, recitals, tematic parties.
Professional barmans make a great show behind the bar .

You can slso watch important sport events, the local having 7 plasma .

Taste the fun at City Club!

www.cityclubbv.ro / www.city-club.blogspot.com


Every summer we offer our clients the possibility of serving part of our products on our 3 terraces located near City Food.


City Club colaborates with SC PROTECTOR AGENCY SRL, which is part of our group of firms, regarding security and protection, and intervention, being equiped with control access. Also the club has video surveillance.The security personnel has the right to step in whenever is necessarily to maintain the interior order and security of the place.

It is forbbiden access in the club of drunk and recalcitrant persons.

In is not allowed access in the club wearing guns, knives, electroshocks, petards, fireworks, etc. If someone has upon them such self defence objects, they would declare it at the control access area and there it would be left and kept safe until leaving. 

The clients are asked to adress trustfully to the security personnel to prevent unsafe situations and to maintain a safe climate.


Because we are constantly concerned with the satisfaction of our clients, we ask you nicely to give us some opinions about the location, the menu, the events and also some suggestions of improving our services please contact us.

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