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City Food gets you out of  impasse!

Salads, quick food, rotisery, pizza, home deserts, and all the food you want to taste could be delivered to you by a simple phone call at 0728 424 841 or 0731 311 260,

Monday to Saturday between 11.00 – 22.00 and on Sundays between 11.00 – 20.00.
Delivery time : 30 – 60 minutes
For rotisery the delivery time is 75-90 minutes
Delivery area: Brasov
Minimal order : 25 RON
For a minimal order of 50 RON City Food delivers also in areas around Brasov (Sacele,Harman, Cristian, Sanpetru).

For a minimal order of 100 RON you receive from City Food a Coca Cola or Fanta (2l)


Because we are constantly concerned with the satisfaction of our clients, we ask you nicely to give us some opinions about the location, the menu, the events and also some suggestions of improving our services please contact us.

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